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Without in-depth knowledge and research, one could quickly get the impression that Mallorca is some kind of “Millionaire’s Playground”, as property price tags seem to attract 6 zeros at the end! However, this superficial impression does not do the island any justice. Mega prices and super property sales seem to overwhelm the scene and dominate headlines however, they do not reflect the overall property situation on the island. Villas for sale in Mallorca do not always jump over the magical one million borderline, there are plenty of villa deals below.

We have dedicated a whole section to best property deals in Mallorca, and plenty of the prices are below one million. True, that is not going to buy you a location anywhere near to the sea, or maybe even a sea view, but you simply cannot have it all and the rule is: the closer to the sea the more expensive the property. Let us face it: in many locations, such as Puerto Pollensa you can reach everywhere comfortably on foot, including the beach!

So, buying a pretty villa for sale on the outskirts of Puerto Pollensa is an affordable property option for the more modest purchaser. There are always superb deals to be had and our property experts can guide and advise you on the subject. Their experience and knowledge of the local market will be the key factor how you will secure a good deal when you purchase the Mallorca house for sale you have set your eyes on!

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Bank repossessions for sale in Mallorca

On the other hand, bank repossessions are another possibility to secure a dream property at a largely reduced price. The unfortunate, distressful situation of one person proves to be the other’s luck and the banks can off-load real estate of which they seem to have a lot these days. There are such bank repossessions all over the island: villas or country homes for sale in Mallorca that have fallen into the hands of the respective bank due to the owner sadly not being able to meet mortgage deadlines.

Be it either a super deal or a bank repossession before purchase check the local market for similar properties for sale to compare and see just what a bargain you are achieving. A comparison with the current market will also give you a good idea how much the property will fetch if you decide to re-sell again. In order to successfully negotiate and secure a good deal, you really need to have back-ground knowledge of the owner’s situation and the reason, why the property is up for sale. Our property experts are informed about personal situations etc. and are therefore best left to deal with the owner.

Or course, everyone is looking for a “good deal” these days and here on our web you have an overview of bank repossessions and super deals. Bank repos are generally not negotiable as the banks consider the reduced prices to already be a bargain, but the bank may give a slight margin and although it may not be very much, it is always worth trying. The villa or country finca for sale you have always dreamt of may be closer to becoming your Mallorca home than you can imagine.

Contact one of our property experts for more information about the best deals currently on the sales market. Do not miss the opportunity to secure a Mallorca dream villa for sale at a reduced price. We look forward to helping you through the whole purchase process right from your first viewing to the big day at the notary’s!

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