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Property for sale in Alcudia

Alcudia Properties for Sale 

A medieval town and the island’s largest northern tourist hub, Alcudia is situated on the peninsula which separates the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia. Sometimes called a modern village, it has an authentic local atmosphere and attracts tourists nonstop, thanks to its wealth of history and charm.

Properties in Alcudia are normally for sale in the areas of Bonaire, Alcudia Beach and you can find townhouses for sale in the Old Town. Many of the properties have a private pool and in Bonaire, Mal Mas, or La Victoria you can find a good range of Luxury villas with sea views . 

From big weekly markets to traditional fiestas/fairs and classic-themed music festivals, Alcudia offers an array of cultural events. The boutique-style hotels and apex-class restaurants in the area have made the town become a lot more attractive, especially for those who want to be immersed in a holistic, island-visiting Mallorcan experience.

They also called it a perfectly restored walled city, one that is on the site of a Roman settlement that remains characterized by ancient-yet-stylish houses. Alcudia has an intriguing maze of narrow streets, all of which is enclaved by medieval battlements which form part of the town’s tourist image.


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Where is Alcudia?

Alcúdia is a town located in the north of the island of Mallorca. It is famous for its Mediterranean beaches, such as the bustling beaches of Alcúdia and Muro, in the wide bay of Alcúdia. The neo-Gothic church of Sant Jaume is built on the medieval walls of the municipality, which have been restored. These walls surround the old town, a well-preserved area with narrow streets and centuries-old buildings

Living in Alcudia

What Alcúdia offers is a slower pace of life, with everything you need just around the corner. Living here is not as hectic as being in the city, but neither is it as quiet as life on a finca in the countryside. It is certainly an attractive balance and the perfect place to buy a property.

The surrounding area boasts some of the best cycling and hiking trails on the island. These start right on your doorstep to the S'Albufera Natural Park, where you will find the largest expanse of marshland in the Balearics, with varied flora, lagoons and wild streams. There are signposted routes for bicycles and hiking, which both residents and tourists frequent, especially in the colder months. Alcúdia is without a doubt the ideal place for family life. The area is safe, friendly and offers the opportunity to make the most of time outdoors. This is the kind of place where people feel safe enough to leave their front door open while the children play freely.

About Alcudia

The bustling fishing port of Alcudia on the north east coast of Mallorca, lies at the end of a two and a half mile stretch of soft sandy beach, which shelves gently into the sea. The main beach joins onto the Playa de Muro beach, and this takes the total expanse of beach to over four miles. Purpose built, the coastal resort of Alcudia is particularly popular with British, German and Scandinavian families and has all the usual modern resort facilities such as bars, pubs and discos. However, it is not the resort for party animals; those looking for some serious clubbing should head for the south of the island.

There is an abundance of restaurants to suits all tastes and budgets, including fast food, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants. The activities in Alcudia are mainly focused along the beach and all sorts of water sports can be arranged from scuba diving to banana rides. There are tennis and squash courts in the resort and nearby attractions include a water park, a go-kart track and horse riding stables. Many of the hotels offer in-house entertainment ranging from flamenco dancers to comedians. Whilst the coastline is dominated by large apartment blocks, the ancient town of Alcudia, which is two miles inland, offers local shops and an historic old town with narrow back streets and a local market on Tuesdays where visitors can sample local cuisine and buy souvenirs.

How can I find the right property in Alcudia?

Our dedicated estate agents can advice you in finding the right property for sale in Alcudia. If you’re seeking a traditional house, apartment, villa or townhouse we have the perfect properties available for you. Alcudia has plenty of properties for rent and sale from the very best estate agents offering villas and properties for sale in the centre and outskirts from the village.

What types of properties for sale can I find in Alcudia?

Buying a Property in Mallorca, whether as a holiday residence or permanent residence, is an ultimate dream for many people. However, it depends on the kind of use (temporary or permanent) you have in mind. At vogue properties, we have different types of houses that can suit exactly to your needs.

Villas for sale in Alcudia

Think of a villa and a bright summer house probably comes to mind, with its manicured gardens and grand towers. The term has its origins in the Roman Empire, when it was used by the likes of Cicero and Pliny the Younger to describe their vacation homes in the Italian countryside. Today only scattered ruins remain, the most famous of which are perhaps the terraces of Hadrian's villa at Tivoli. The villas may also have a classical connotation, with wooden beams and country kitchens. This fits Pliny's description of the "rustic villa," which is more of an elegant farmhouse than a sophisticated property. These manors received an upgrade during the Renaissance, with a greater emphasis on symmetry and lush garden features. Today's villas may be quite modern and minimalist, but there is still the same emphasis on outdoor gardening as well as an open-plan interior. In Alcudia you can find the best villas for sale" of Mallorca. From contemporary Villas with sea view, stone clad villas or ultra modern villas, newly built, building projects, sea views, fantastic detached villas everything you need is here at Vogue properties.

Townhouses in Alcudia

A characteristic that will allow you to see that you are in front of an authentic, traditional townhouse is to count the number of floors. The characteristic and authentic thing is that they have 3 floors, that is, ground floor + 2. The rest of the smaller animals, from pigs to chickens, rabbits and pigeons, used to be kept in a shed at the back, where the courtyards used to be). These properties taking advantage of their stone walls, make a kind of "bodegas", with big tables, a good fireplace, ideal for friends and family gatherings.

The floors of these townhouses for sale in Alcudia are usually old ceramic tile floors: unfortunately nowadays they are not even manufactured because it would increase the costs in the construction, first because of the quality of the tiles, and then because of the high number of labor required. That is why a well-maintained floor is so highly valued: because there are no spare parts. There are fixes, but no replacements.

Fincas for sale in Alcudia

Fincas are usually establishments located on rather large plots of land, with a habitable center, large tracts of land and other production-related establishments such as dairies, mills, silos, etc. The finca for sale in Alcudia" can also be a type of real estate property that is not dedicated to production and is mostly a type of luxurious property of the higher sectors of society.

Fincas are picturesquely situated off urban hippy-ness, having just about enough space to retire from the hustle and bustle of main, crowded towns. Often generally known as the Mallorcan fincas, they make up the classic Spanish dreams of many real estate fanatics. In addition to total privacy and close proximity to nature, these properties have sufficient space for many needs.

What can I see in Alcudia?

Alcudia is one of the most interesting and picturesque towns in the north of Mallorca. At Vogue properties we have selected the 10 best places to discover Alcudia´s to see.

1. Alcudia Old Town

Walking slowly through the old town of Alcudia, stroll through its narrow cobbled streets enjoying the many monuments scattered around the city, its many stately homes, magnificent walls and the imposing gates to the city, certainly a magical place with lots of charm that leaves no one indifferent. Enjoy its gastronomy in its restaurants for all tastes, or enjoy its stores and businesses. This is one of Alcudia's major must-sees.

2. Alcudia Market

On Tuesdays and Sundays the traditional market of Alcudia is celebrated occupying a large part of the old town. You will find plenty of food stalls, flowers, clothes, fruit, souvenirs or handicrafts. It is a very picturesque and colorful place to enjoy traditional Mallorcan life. If you like to mingle among the people and spend hours looking at stalls it will be one of your Alcudia must-sees that you will want to return to.

3. Sa Bassa Blanca Museum

Visit the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation, a marvel that nature and art lovers will undoubtedly enjoy. Impressive house-museum with large gardens, sculptures, paintings and works of art located in front of the sea

4. Alcudia Beaches

Alcudia is a paradise for sun and beach lovers. With more than 30 km of coastline and 20 paradisiacal beaches among which it would be very difficult to choose the best. Some of the must-see beaches of Alcudia are Alcudia beach, Sant Joan beach, Muro beach, S'illot or Coll Baix, you will be left with your mouth open and you will feel like you are in the middle of a postcard.

5. Muralla de Alcudia

We can not miss the walls of Alcudia and the Puerta del Moll. We can climb the walls very well preserved and walk the coastal path above them for a stretch of 1.5 km. It is also worth visiting the old entrance gate of the city, called "Moll" (wharf) because it was the gate that looked towards the Port of Alcudia towards the sea.

6. Boat tour of Alcudia Bay

To make an excursion in a classic sailing boat or motor boat around the Bay of Alcudia is another of our favorite activities. From the port we can hire with different companies, a trip around the Bay of Alcudia, for 2 hours you can discover its coasts, see dolphins, swim in its waters or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

7. Roman ruins of the ancient Pollentia

The medieval and Muslim past of Alcudia is present in every corner of the city. But if you are a history lover, there are other surprises in store for you, such as the Roman site of Ancient Pollentia. A city founded in the 2nd century BC that is considered the best example of the Romanization of the Balearic Islands.

8. Aquatic Park-Hidropark 

If you travel with children and one day you want to do something fun and different, we recommend visiting the Hidropark , a beautiful water park in Puerto de Alcudia ideal for a family day out enjoying pools, slides, shows and lots of fun. Tickets cost 20.90.-€ for adults and 14.90.-€ for children.

9. Natural park of l'albufera

The Natural Park of l'AlbuferaThe Natural Park of s'Albufera is one of the natural wonders of Mallorca. Water is the basis of its biological and environmental richness. The water of the sea and the different torrents nourish of water this zone where we will be able to realize a very agreeable route, there are four itineraries of different duration and level to practice hiking.

10. Route of the Sierra de Tramontana

Crossing all the northern part of the island we will find the Sierra de Tramontana mountain range that offers us beautiful landscapes and the trace of man's activity for centuries. We will be able to cross it through some of its winding roads. You cannot miss at least a part of this World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape

Which are the best Restaurants in Alcudia?

Apart for properties for sale, at Vogue Properties we have selected the top 5 restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

1. Osteria El Patio

Located in the old town of Alcúdia, this restaurant allows you to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine under vaulted ceilings or outdoors, in a quiet courtyard. There are many reasons to visit this appreciated establishment; some of them are its fresh pastas, pizzas made in a wood oven and other specialties elaborated with the best products

2. Muddy’s Wood Fired Grill

If you're in the mood for exquisite aged meat, Muddy0s Wood Fired Grill is the place to go. Sourced from northern Spain, it ensures that each steak has the tender flavor you're looking for. Their dry oak wood-fired grill adds a light smoky touch to the meat. Pizzas, homemade pasta and fresh fish are also some of the dishes you can enjoy along with their juicy steaks and burgers.

3. Pipper´s

Located in Port d' Alcúdia, this restaurant is ideal for dining and enjoying the sea views. Its Mediterranean cuisine is of high quality and includes fresh fish, grilled meats and exquisite paellas. It also has a sushi bar famous for its surprising mix of Japanese and Mallorcan cuisine.

4. Restaurante Maca de Castro

Macarena de Castro was the first cook to win a Michelin star in Mallorca. It was in her family's restaurant, then known as El Jardín. With local products and sometimes undervalued ingredients, she makes with her team a very skilful and creative interpretation of Mediterranean and Mallorcan cuisine.

5. The Wine Side 

If seafood and wine are your idea of glorious enjoyment, visit The Wine Side. Popular with the locals, this small gastrobar is decked out with its wide selection of wines, which can be ordered by the glass or bottle. Its tapas menu celebrates the freshest flavors of the sea and also has some mouth-watering meat options.

A little history of Alcudia

In the year 1325 Jaume II founded the town, baptizing it with its present name, and later Carlos I gave it the title of Ciudad Fidelísima, a trait that it has proven to have over the years. It is not surprising that on the death of Charles III the town spent up to 155 pounds of gunpowder, among other ammunition, to publicly show its grief.

Today Alcúdia has become a first class tourist center, especially during the summer season. Very suitable for families because of the tranquility of the area, the cleanliness of the beaches and the shallow waters, generally calm, allowing you to go into the sea without leaving your feet.

The area where Alcúdia is located has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but it is with the arrival of the Romans that the city makes its entry in the history books. The Romans used the beaches of Alcúdia bay when they captured the island in 123 B.C. Shortly after this the capital Palma was founded and then the city of Pollentia. From Pollentia it was possible to view both the bay of Pollenca and the bay of Alcúdia. Pollentia served as a guard for other invaders. The city was also mentioned in Rome since they here produced excellent fabrics that were used in the most exclusive togas.

If you want to find out more about Alcudia you can browse its official website here. 

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