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Luxury Villas for sale in Mallorca

Where are the best villas for sale in Mallorca?

In this section we offer a wide range of Mallorca villas, detached houses and bungalows. Resale and new villas for sale – Mallorca, buying a villa and get a good rental return, look at our section of bargain villas for sale. Find out more Mallorca Luxury Villas for sale 

  1. Discover a complete range of Mallorca villas for sale, from villas for investment or modern villas on developments – Mallorca luxury villas with pools and new off plan villas.
  2. Our comprehensive villa search makes it easy to find private holiday villas in Mallorca, economic villas to buy or luxury villas for sale, as well as buying villas for renovation – Mallorca north.
  3. You can also explore an extensive choice of villas to rent, Mallorca North, with villa lets and lettings or villas for holiday vilas in Mallorca, along with a wide range of long term villa rentals – Pollensa.
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386 listing match your search in Luxury Villas for sale in Mallorca

Amazing contemporary villa designs

A minimalistic interior design is all the rage right now on Mallorca, the emptier a room the better, only the basics such as sofas tables etc. fill space. This uncluttered look has been going strong now for a decade, with furniture etc. becoming more and more reduced. Outside, many villas look like huge cubes with enormous window fronts that actually do not offer much privacy depending on their location! Perhaps the owners are quite happy to indirectly let the public into their homes, one thing is certain, the rooms enjoy loads of natural daylight. Sometimes the villas are made up of various cubes perched on top of, or next to each other, a design that seems to be defying gravity to say the least.

These ultra-modern Mallorca villas for sale still offer a level of luxury that is quite the opposite to the blatant opulence of older, classical Mediterranean style villas in areas such as Puerto Andratx, where you will find a diversity of luxury villa designs. Nowadays, contemporary villas offer a more discreet, understated luxury, defined by the top quality of the materials and fittings used throughout and the soft, subdued colour schemes. It is a kind of “take a second look” luxury, not in your face and to some it may even look a bit boring. You could compare it to a cashmere sweater that does not look exactly exciting or expensive, it is a matter of the quality!

Luxury villas for sale in demand

No matter what is happening in the world beyond the island shores, property buyers and investors cannot wait to get to the island and buy their personal piece of this paradise. Even in times when property sales in general might be slightly down, luxury villas are always high in demand, as though they are in a world apart. The high-end segment just does not slow down very much, and villas maintain their awesome price tags – no reductions on this level.

Luxury villas iMallorca

Some owners of fabulous yachts decide that they want a residence on land to compliment onboard accommodation, it is becoming a status symbol in these circles to have a floating and a land asset. Quite a number of luxury villas for sale in Mallorca have sold to yacht owners, some promptly gave the villa the same name as their vessel. Luxury villas in Mallorca will never lose their allure and appeal to very wealthy people, they all offer fabulous sea views and are positioned in the best locations on the island. A visit to Puerto Andratx for example will prove this point, the accumulation of luxury villas there is amazing. Puerto Andratx may lack a certain level of privacy as villas there have virtually been built one next to or above the other, however, that does not seem to deter anyone from buying a luxury villa in this trendy location. Nobody hides their wealth in Puerto Andratx, it is chic to be spotted or even identified as the owner of “villa such and such” and have one’s property admired. Possibly a new trend amongst the fabulously rich!

Luxury villas for sale and holiday rentals

Not many opulent or top-of-the-range luxury villas ever rent out, only the odd one may if the owners do not reside in it and have bought it purely for investment reasons. The prices per week are astronomical and only the seriously wealthy can afford to spend their holidays in one of these “Hollywood-style” residences. These holidays are guaranteed to be unforgettable and even though the pampered clients are accustomed to the luxurious style of living, the locations are certain to top their expectations.

In Puerto Andratx the array of fabulous villas is jaw-dropping and the selection on the current sales market caters for all levels of luxury. The non-plus ultra has got to be a mega villa right on the sea front with its own direct sea access and a jetty to moor the owner’s speed boat. Life could not get any better on the island, but this piece of paradise will command a mighty price! Our colleagues at our sister company are your experts for holiday rentals and they will even be able to accommodate you and your family in an ultra-luxurious villa. To find out more about luxury villas for sale or rent in Mallorca just contact us now and our property experts will give you full information. They are looking forward to hearing from you.

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