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Where are the best Places To Buy A Property In Pollensa?

Crouched as though asleep in the north coast of the largest Balearic Island, Majorca, the quiet-as-goldfish town of Pollenca, is one of the many Spanish wonders. An enchanting Mallorcan town brimming with ancient blonde stone architecture, Pollenca doesn’t feel like many of the other towns which have succumbed to tourism.

Pollenca is a history-rich rural town, perfect for exploring the quaint cobbled streets where anyone gets up close and personal with some of Spain's most magnificent architecture. The place is also the ideal base for hiking and cycling in the Serra de Tramuntana.

An island of vast possibilities, Mallorca is just about big enough to accommodate terrain, character and climatic differences. Yet, the longest point-to-point you can cover in your four-wheeler will take only an hour and a half of circumnavigation. As such, deciding where to buy a property here is a sound investment, one that ensures your new home is finely-located and in sync with your style.

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Where To Buy Property In Pollensa

Golf Pollensa

Golf Pollensa, on both the outside and inside, appears like a planned project tailored to cater to the needs of the most demanding people in search for a home within a paradise. Inside the area, there is a residential estate that is completely private. It is located next to the Pollensa Golf Club and just a stone's throw from the Real Club Nautico of Puerto Pollensa.

If you are familiar with golf courses, you would know that quietude is both a miracle and a guarantee. That means living in Golf Pollensa comes with absolute peace and serenity. What’s more, every amenity you can possibly think of has been made readily available and is within arm's reach.

The seemingly exclusive climate of the area allows you to practice outdoor sports any time of the year. Alongside its Mediterranean sun, it increases the wellbeing, sense of happiness and overall health of its residents/inhabitants.

Cala San Vicente

When you enter Cala San Vicente in your four-wheel drive, you head over a rise in the road and the alluring Mediterranean sea somewhat opens up to you in a chilly embrace. This village majorly consists of hotels, apartments and medium-sized villas. The property styles are very distinct from each other. For instance, many villas are built with individual spec tailoring.

Irrespective of the type of property, the entire bay and village of Cala San Vic radiates an extravagant and characterful presence. It is located on the northwestern part of Mallorca, between Pollensa and Puerto de Pollensa. Such a position makes it an ideal base, whereupon one can discover the entire north of the island.

On its own, the place is a major attraction. The elegant and prestigious location within easy reach of bigger areas of Mallorca provides both visitors and residents with the best of both worlds.

La Font

Are you a loyalist to panoramic views and Instagram-worthy picture opportunities? Look no further than La Font, which offers spectacular views of the three bays of Cala San Vic, Pollensa and Alcudia. Its panorama also touched the old villages and the beauteous mountains towering in the north of the island.

In La Font, you will feel safe, secure and relaxed. The villa benefits from the enhanced privacy it gets from its location in the upper area of the residential complex of the same name. From there, Pollensa is just ten minutes away. But if you feel up to it, you can run, walk or cycle into town.

If all these sound like some stretch, however, you can simply settle and enjoy the fantastic garden, cool or fire up the place’s built-in BBQ. The gentle yet persistent Spanish food aromas will tantalize your taste buds.


A medieval town and the island’s largest northern tourist hub, Alcudia is situated on the peninsula which separates the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia. Sometimes called a modern village, it has an authentic local atmosphere and attracts tourists nonstop, thanks to its wealth of history and charm.

From big weekly markets to traditional fiestas/fairs and classic-themed music festivals, Alcudia offers an array of cultural events. The boutique-style hotels and apex-class restaurants in the area have made the town become a lot more attractive, especially for those who want to be immersed in a holistic, island-visiting Mallorcan experience.

They also called it a perfectly restored walled city, one that is on the site of a Roman settlement that remains characterized by ancient-yet-stylish houses. Alcudia has an intriguing maze of narrow streets, all of which is enclaved by medieval battlements which form part of the town’s tourist image.

Calvario Mountain

If you want to get a property in one of the most iconic places in Pollensa, Calvario Mountain should just about do it. Also known as El Calvari, it offers superb views of Pollensa, thanks to its impressive stairway. This landmark comprises 365 steps, each one marking every day of the year.

Calvario Mountain is flanked by cypress threes and three-metre-high crosses that are 14 in total. In Christian tradition, these crosses evoke the ordeal that Jesus Christ had to endure on the way to his biblical crucifixion of the famous Mount Golgotha.

Port De Pollensa

On the northern side of Mallorca, British property buyers are drawn by a tailored appeal. They benefit from the facilities, social life and services present in the area.

But despite being colder than surrounding areas, some places in Port De Pollensa remain open. All year, the scenery does not lose its charm. Nearby, there is the Formentor Peninsula, which has a scanty selection of exclusive properties and more privacy.

Port Pollensa enjoys both sandy beaches and golf facilities, with its deluxe properties ranging in price from 100,000 for something like a studio to around 5 euros million for anything in the villa category. Most properties available are relatively new.

Vall de Colonya, Pollensa

Perhaps you've always wanted to live a town life alongside stunning countryside around you, the area of Vall de colonya, in Pollensa could be just a fertile place to plant those dreams. 

The valley is just outsites Pollenca Old Town and  offers the perfect stage for quaint country houses that range from 1 Mio to 3 Mio euros.

Advantages of Buying A Property In Pollensa

  1. Stunning scenery.
  2. Majestic mountains.
  3. Beaches to die for.
  4. Delicious local cuisine.
  5. Award-winning wines.
  6. A safe and friendly atmosphere.
  7. Not too far away.
  8. Year-round good weather.
  9. Beautiful setting.
  10. Vibrant culture.
  11. A sophisticated capital city.

Types Of Properties In Pollensa

Property in Mallorca, whether as a holiday residence or permanent residence, is an ultimate dream for many people. However, it depends on the kind of use (temporary or permanent) you have in mind.

Villas for sale in Pollenca

In the property market of Pollensa, villas are very much sought after, especially those built in the past decades but with convincing modern equipment. If you add a small garden and a swimming pool, the house of the German mentality would be a villa. Mostly for families with children, perhaps alongside pets, a villa is often an ideal property choice. For one, it offers ample space and guarantees maximum comfort.

Townhouses in Polllenca

These terraced buildings have enjoyed increased recognition in recent years. Such structures are a combo of the advantages of detached houses, yet with minimal costs. They usually have two floors and exclusive gardens, less often with swimming pool spaces. Given their sizes, they offer the perfect compromise between villas and apartments or flats, an attribute that makes them family-friendly.

Fincas for sale in Pollensa

Fincas are picturesquely situated off urban hippy-ness, having just about enough space to retire from the hustle and bustle of main, crowded towns. Often generally known as the Mallorcan fincas, they make up the classic Spanish dreams of many real estate fanatics. In addition to total privacy and close proximity to nature, these properties have sufficient space for many needs.

Apartments in Pollenca Old Town

Not just one of Pollensa's most versatile types of property, apartments in this part of Spain are designed to cater to a cornucopia of requirements. They are suitable for permanent and temporary residencies, and the applicable costs are more manageable than those of conventional houses. Because such properties are closed to tenants and owners of surrounding apartments, there is increased security.

Rules And Regulations

Like many other countries, Pollensa, Mallorca has taxes levied on property purchases. That means prospective acquirers of real estate require a Spanish tax number before they can green a deal.

The tax number can as well be used for other non-property formalities. Called "Número de Identificación de Extranjero," it can be sorted out for you in Spanish consulates in many countries for the modest fee of 15 Euros.

Where you buy property in Pollensa pretty much determines how you will experience the Mallorcan town. So it is worth renting a car and having a drive around the place once or twice.

Or, should you have time to spend, take a winter break, rent a villa or townhouse and spend a fortnight there. Use the time to study the properties and make your best real estate decision.

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