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Modern villas in Mallorca

Over the years, architecture and design have certainly come a long way on Mallorca. Long gone are the days when villas were built to simple standards and designs, they may have had a kind of charm, but they were quite repetitive as far as design and general appearance were concerned. Perhaps due to the influence of the many foreigners, who have settled on the island, or the world-wide interconnection thanks to the web, or other influences architecture and design have certainly undergone quite a revolution during the past 3 decades.

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Many newly built villas for sale in Mallorca have even won awards for their spectacular design. These exceptional villas are not only to be found in one specific area but in all regions of the island. True, there are certain areas that attract an extremely wealthy international scene, such as Puerto Andratx, Puerto Portals, Bendinat just to name some down in the south west. Here many trends have been set, possibly due to the influence and input of these new residents from many different countries.

Many villas in these nouveau jet-set locations are absolutely jaw-dropping in their displayed opulence and extravagance. These modern villas can be admired as they are not necessarily hidden from public view, either. On the contrary, the publicity-orientated owners in these locations like their wealth to be on display and admired as a sign of their personal success.

Buying a Villa with a Futuristic Design

Previously, the villas used to have a typically classic appearance that seemed to influence architecture in the countries situated in the western part of the Mediterranean in general. The style gave the villas a kind of majestic exterior and pillars were also very much en-vogue.

Nowadays, some super modern villas for sale in Mallorca tend to have a square design and look as though huge cubes have been connected to each other or placed on top of one another. The front of these cubes is always generally a complete glass front allowing for light to stream in and the views to be clearly seen but also opening the interior to public viewing, as you cannot have it all!

Villa with a Futuristic Design

This typical modern design stresses clean, stream-lined contours and straight lines define exteriors. Some may find they lack a certain charm and even have an austere appearance, however gradually these contemporary masterpieces are coming more and more into demand.

Modern Villas and Lifestyle

“Show me your home and I will tell you who you are” or similar is an old-fashioned saying that is actually still valid today. Today, many of these modern, stream-lined villas for sale in Mallorca quite often have a very sober and unemotional interior with as little furniture, as possible. Empty, open-plan spaces dominate where everything has seemingly been placed methodically aided by a tape measure! Colours are never vivid, they are completely coordinated with each other and leave no room for improvisation, bright colours are absolutely shunned.

This interior design follows a kind of no-nonsense philosophy, indicating that professional people live there who want everything to function by pressing a button! And whilst no creature comforts such as heating, high-tec., designer kitchens etc. are missing, the interiors seem to lack a kind of cosiness and lived-in feeling, they tend to present themselves very functional, no demonstrative opulence any more no matter the price tag. Some may even find this new age lifestyle a bit glum, but it is very much the “in” way-of-living right now!

Simply contact one of our property experts for more information about contemporary villas for sale in all areas. They will also be able to inform you of any special deals currently available. They will help you through the whole purchase procedure, starting with your first viewing to the day you sign the deeds at the notary’s!

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