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Large Estates for sale in Mallorca

Once one starts to research the topic, it is quite amazing how many private estates are dotted around the island. They are not necessarily situated in remote areas, either. For instance, there is a large estate for sale in Puerto Pollensa, on the immediate outskirts en-route to the Formentor peninsula. The buildings are in a pretty bad shape and they all need a complete overhaul, once revamped this will surely be one of the most exciting estates in the north of Mallorca, it also commands fantastic sea views over the bay of Pollensa.

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So, anyone who is looking for a superb location and does not mind buying a piece of Mallorcan history is well advised to take a look at this amazing property dating back to the 17th century! Extensive land will ensure that you should not get any unwelcome visitors – apart from the ones pictured below that is!

Estate for sale in Puerto Pollensa
Estate for sale in Puerto Pollensa with its “VIP visitor”

Staying in the north, Formentor is also home to a few super estates; tucked away and enjoying complete privacy, these elite properties quite rightly command a serious price tag. The peninsula is home to the famous hotel Formentor where the great and rich liked to hold court some years ago and many deals were hacked out under the Mallorcan sun.

Here in Formentor the luxury estates and villas can hardly be detected let alone viewed from outside. Privacy is of utmost importance to the owners of these luxury properties for sale and Formentor is the perfect location. It is a forest area with a dense tree population that hides residents from any prying and inquisitive eyes. Even the coming and going at the hotel is accomplished with great discretion and zero commotion. 

The Formentor Peninsula
The Formentor Peninsula

Estates for sale on the West Coast with the WOW Factor

The west coast may not have the super bays of the north, but the coastline is simply stunning. Here properties sit perched on the clifftops and offer dramatic, breath-taking views over the Med. Some of these unique properties are accessed by winding country lanes and are set within extensive grounds – privacy is a guarantee and the only noise may be bird’s songs or goats baying!

This is Mallorca at its traditional best, no wonder that a Hollywood great like Michael Douglas bought an estate here on the west coast 30 years ago. His estate called S’Estaca is historical having been built in 1867 for the famous Austrian Archduke Louis Salavador, another visitor who fell head over heels in love with the island. 

Estate for sale in Banyabulfar
Estate for sale in Banyabulfar with mega sea views

Estates for sale in secluded areas of Mallorca

Obviously, the more secluded an area the more your privacy is guaranteed a 100%! There is an enchanting village tucked away in the mountains that can be safely called “undiscovered”, it is well off the beaten tourist track and set in one of the loveliest valleys on the island. The secret hide-away is called Esporles, time seems to follow a different pace here than in other areas of the island. Thankfully, many would classify Esporles as “boring” so there is no threat of this area ever being overrun or exploited!

The estate pictured below offers a fantastic lifestyle in breath-taking surroundings, luxury and nature are in perfect harmony here. The majestic property offers various buildings, all with highest standard spec. No inquisitive visitors here, any wanderers who amble around in these surroundings are people who respect nature and would not disturb privacy.

Mallorca is full of surprises and each region has its own special charm. Country estates reflect the area they are set in, rustic ones which may still have an old oil mill are mainly to be found in the north and in the mountains, some still function as an agricultural business, selling their products on local markets. The more glamorous estates for sale in Mallorca are down south, where representation and entertaining wealthy friends is an obligation. Many have lost their rustic appearance and appeal and now display a more contemporary design and style.

Magnificent estate in Esporles
Magnificent estate for sale in Esporles

Many owners of a Mallorca estate for sale do not want their property published, therefore you will not find them here on our website. Please contact one of our property experts to find out more about this market sector. Your enquiry will be handled with the same discretion as our owners are accustomed to.

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