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Investment properties for sale in Mallorca

Mallorca an Investment Haven

The Top Guns

Fact is that banks have never given anything away, and nowadays any money languishing in one of their financial schemes is not bringing any benefits whatsoever to their customers. Banks are paying zero interest thanks the “overlord” of the banks, the ECB (European Central Bank) and the zero-interest policy that has reigned now for a few years.

A Mallorca villa or country property for sale is therefore the perfect solution if you do not want your money to be at the mercy of any bank these days. Wise international investors and fund managers are currently flooding the island property market with their investment ideas and demands. Mega luxury villas in the island top hotspots are being sold for astronomical sums. Many penthouses for sale in Palma offer incredible views over the magnificent bay and they are being snapped up as soon as they hit the market. The prices of these Mallorca apartments may match those of family homes in other areas, but nevertheless this kind of money is being paid. Top international investors know that their money, or that of their clients, is being spent in a secure property scene, a market that promises solid returns and that is currently enjoying a level of popularity envied by other locations in the Med. Mallorca has even taken the shine away from former jet set locations in the south of France, the Riviera!

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The Ordinary People

Mallorca is the darling of the Mediterranean and a paradise for investors with all budget sizes, not only the playground of the super-rich. Properties for sale in Mallorca below the 1 million targets are just as well fantastic investment options. You can buy a pretty family home, detached with the official ETV holiday rental license for around 400-500.000€. This house in Pollensa will rent out brilliantly during the normal season, once tourism comes back to the island, and cover your running costs as well as securing a neat income after all overheads have been paid.

It is no secret that houses within one of Mallorca charming villages have become extremely popular over the past few years. It is very trendy to own a house in Pollensa, best buy the property in need of a thorough renovation, contract a local project management and building company, as they know best how to get the job done well and within more or less the year you will own a village gem! If you have enough outdoor space to install a pool, fast-forward a few years after you have enjoyed your home and want to move on, you will be able to re-sell easily and make a very sizable profit. Your Mallorca town house for sale will always be a sought-after property with buyers, who want to enjoy the local lifestyle.

Come and speak to our property experts with regards to investment options and define the kind of property that matches your needs and visions. We will be with you from the word “go” to the notary’s and beyond.

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