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Perfect fincas for country lovers

But what is a finca? You have probably seen this word in relation to country villas, houses etc. and associated it with them without really knowing where it originates from. The word “finca” was originally the expression for rural land. In time it has been re-adapted and now means a country plot with a house. The building is usually traditional, with a natural stone façade and stone walls within, that is a typical Mallorcan finca. And just to confuse you a bit, locals here on the island also tend to call an apartment building a “finca” … this just when you thought you had understood and extended your vocabulary!

It has been the craze for many years now to buy what is called a “ruin” and renovate it thoroughly. The results are generally stunning, the combination of a traditional stone exterior and a contemporary interior has a charm that is hard to beat! These extra-special country properties for sale in Mallorca are loaded with traditional elements such as: exposed wooden beams in the ceilings, massive fireplaces in the living areas and, more often than not, also in the kitchens, terracotta floorings, wooden window shutters, natural stone paving and terraces in the gardens, and dry stone walls border off the properties from their neighbours.

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Investment properties for sale in the country

Apart from the fact that Mallorca’s countryside provides for an exceptional environment of stunning beauty as a backdrop for your new island finca for sale and you will be guaranteed fantastic holidays, the investment aspect is an absolute winner. By purchasing a “ruin” in the countryside, and doing it up according to your personal taste, or by buying a finished re-sale finca, you are also creating a source of income while you are not using it yourself. Our sister company can advise you about preparing your property for a rental season and about how much money your country property in Pollensa will generate for you.

The super positive news is that a good rental season will cover all running costs including property rates, taxes etc. and leave you with a neat income in your pocket. No wonder that many homeowners are taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity to finance the Mallorca finca they have been dreaming of for many years! The bad news is though: there are hardly any “ruins” left for sale in any rural area of the island, that need renovating and modernising and the prices of those left are pretty high, no bargains anymore!

A bit of history of country properties in Mallorca

In previous times, families who owned fincas were generally considered to be wealthy, those with properties on or near the coast to be poor as the land did not generate any income – we are talking about the pre-tourism days, the tables turned about 60 years ago! The bigger the family, the more properties they owned between them and in a large rural region such as Pollensa, the amount of country properties for sale was impressive. They came onto the sales market when the owners died, and the heirs did not want an additional property on their hands – apart from the fact news had spread rapidly how much foreigners were paying for these old-fashioned houses. So, the owners of these Mallorca country properties for sale eventually managed to “catch up” again financially with their richer cousins etc. who owned coastal properties.

If you drive around in the immediate surroundings of the village, you will be amazed by the sheer number of fincas you will discover. The majority have already been reformed, but you still may see a small, run-down building that could have formerly been the night shelter for a shepherd or for sheep. Those who purchased a country home say about 30 years ago will remember with affection how reasonable the prices were then in comparison to nowadays. When something becomes popular and trendy, the prices always creep upwards and the craze to become the owner of a finca for sale in Pollensa had a spiralling effect on the prices in the region.

Check with our sales team if there are any country properties for sale in Mallorca that still need doing up. They will know for sure which ones are currently on the market. We have an extensive portfolio of fantastic fincas for sale, ready to move into and many even have the official rental license. Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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