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Mallorca Villas for sale with a Rental License

Many new villa owners on the island have decided to let their property make money for them whilst they are not in residence. Strict regulations regarding holiday rentals mean that one needs the official ETV holiday rental license, without is a no-go. Whereas in previous times, the subject renting your property was handled a bit casually and everyone “was at it”, local authorities have woken up to the additional income generated by the taxes they can expect and are monitoring the property rental scene closely! This also means that you cannot just go and rent your property anymore.

172 listing match your search in Mallorca Villas for sale with a Rental License

Therefore, villas for sale in Mallorca that already have the official holiday rental license are top of the shopping list! Clients contacting our company stress the fact that the villa of their desire must have the ETV in place and demand is increasing. More and more non-resident homeowners are enjoying the benefit of renting out on a holiday basis, running costs are covered and a neat income is to be expected after taxes etc. have been paid. So why not take advantage of the lucrative business, those who do not live here permanently are very happy to let their villa for sale in Puerto Pollensa or their town house in Pollensa old town make money for them.

A new holiday trend all over the island

More and more holidaymakers want an accommodation where they can enjoy the highest level of privacy possible. Others do not want their time regulated by hotel buffets and restaurant opening hours, they want to spend their holidays independently. These clients are not booking hotels or family package holidays anymore, they are the new wave of holiday villa renters, for many a country house is the answer to their desire for privacy and tranquility and spending quality time with the kids.

The price of a holiday villa for sale in Mallorca does not put them off, neither do the additional costs for services such as a nanny, which may have not been an extra charge in an upmarket hotel. Companies that specialise in holiday rentals such as organise all these extras, so the villa owner need not worry about where to start finding them or whom to contact.

Villas with rental licenses on the increase

Once you look into the topic, you will be amazed just how many villas with the ETV rental license are on the market for sale. For example, locals have always capitalised upon the holiday scene and rented out one or the other property to foreigners. Many Mallorcan families are lucky enough to dispose of various villas or fincas, and they have always made as much money as possible out of their real estate.

Nowadays, foreign property owners are bursting into the scene and the locals no longer have the monopoly in this market. Mallorca as the holiday gem of the Med. is attracting more tourism year by year and everyone wants a slice of the lucrative income this industry generates. Villas with existing holiday rental licenses are therefore most sought-after, the new owners can start to earn money from day 1 after the notary!

Contact us now to find out which villas for sale already have the official ETV rental license. Our property experts are looking forward to meeting you. You will see, the selection is fantastic, and you can take your pick! Should you fall in love with a villa that has no license, we can advise and help you to obtain the ETV, having one will make a huge difference when you want to sell.

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