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Top restaurants in Alcudia


Alcudia is one of the most historic towns in the north of Mallorca, where you will find ancient ruins, a Medieval town wall and great Mediterranean restaurants and gastrobars.

The historic town of Alcudia, not to be confused with the seaside resort of Puerto Alcudia, is an authentic example of local life in Mallorca. Here you will find picturesque squares, narrow streets, historic properties and great local eateries, ranging from traditional restaurants to modern tapas bars, serving the best Mediterranean dishes. Eating out in the old town of Alcudia is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in local culture. Discover some of the top restaurants in Alcudia.

1. Básico Gastrobar

Básico Gastrobar is a casual Mediterranean restaurant, more like a tapas bar, offering a wide range of Spanish dishes. On the menu you will find local delicacies such as Pa amb Oli (bread with oil), mixed paella with snails and prawn risotto. Inside you have a charming little courtyard, perfect during hot summer months. The atmosphere is very laidback and welcoming thanks to the friendly staff. The restaurant is regularly frequented by locals and visitors spending a day in the old town.

Básico Gastrobar
Mediterranean gastrobar
Carrer Major, 3, 07400 Alcúdia
Why we love this restaurant in Alcudia: casual atmosphere, local tapas, cocktails, courtyard

Restaurant Básico Gastrobar

2. Ca’n Costa

Ca’n Costa Celler and Restaurant is a traditional Mallorquín restaurant in the heart of the old town. You will find it on a quiet narrow street, full of old townhouses and great examples of local architecture. Ca’n Costa is the oldest restaurant in Alcudia, which opened in 1983. The historic property itself dates back to 1594, and inside you will also find a small museum with local artefacts. On the menu you have various Mallorquín dishes, paellas and a popular slow-cooked suckling pig.

Ca’n Costa
Traditional Mallorquín restaurant
Carrer de Sant Vicenç, 14, 07400 Alcúdia
Why we love this restaurant in Alcudia: historic atmosphere, local cuisine, authentic experience, courtyard

Restaurant Ca’n Costa

3. Me Gusta Gastrobar

Me Gusta is a modern Mediterranean restaurant serving contemporary dishes using local produce. This gourmet restaurant is also located in the heart of Alcudia old town, and is a popular place to enjoy cocktails and tapas on the large outdoor terrace overlooking the city gate. On the menu you will find pizzas, pastas, steaks and seafood dishes such as fried calamari and grilled octopus. There is also a great selection of vegan options including gnocchi and a vegan burger.

Me Gusta Gastrobar
Mediterranean gastrobar
Plaça de Carles V, 5, 07400 Alcúdia
Why we love this restaurant in Alcudia: lively atmosphere, modern cuisine, live DJ, location

Restaurant Me Gusta Gastrobar

4. Osteria El Patio

Osteria El Patio is perhaps the most popular Italian restaurant in Alcudia. As the name suggests, it has a large patio, ideal for al fresco dining during those hot summer months. This restaurant is located on the main street, surrounded by various shops and landmarks. Known for its traditional Italian cuisine, created by Italian chef Luigi Inserra, Osteria El Patio serves delicious pizzas and various classic pasta dishes. There are also many delicious meat and seafood dishes to enjoy.

Osteria El Patio
Italian restaurant
Carrer Major, 2, 07400 Alcúdia
Why we love this restaurant in Alcudia: cozy atmosphere, Italian cuisine, location, patio

Restaurant Osteria El Patio

5. Sa Portassa

Sa Portassa is a Spanish tapas restaurant located very close to Ca’n Costa (mentioned above). Here you will find a real local restaurant, serving small snacks and traditional dishes, granting you a taste of what the island has to offer. The restaurant is well-known for its offer of 6 tapas for 22€, including the likes of pimientos de Padrón (green peppers), snails, mussels, sobrasada (local sausage) and fried calamari. This is one of the best places to experience local food in Alcudia.

Sa Portassa
Spanish restaurant and tapas bar
Carrer de Sant Vicenç, 7, 07400 Alcúdia
Why we love this restaurant in Alcudia: local atmosphere, traditional cuisine, tapas, location

Restaurant Sa Portassa

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