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Majorcan gastronomy … so much to discover

The island of Mallorca is a paradise with different faces. One of them is the sophisticated Mallorca, where celebrities are mixed and foreigners frequented beaches, bustling areas, the capital of shopping and other Mallorca; which only they know those who really delve into the traditional lifestyle and the character of the island, known as the “island of calm“, where life goes on “poc a poc”. Who really wants to know that side B, must immerse themselves in the knowledge and enjoyment of its gastronomy. The fruits of its crystalline waters, its extensive kitchen gardens, landscapes of olive, almond, orange and lemon trees or the stamp of Majorcan black pig, give us some clues of the gastronomic jewels that hides the island.

The cuisine of the island has dishes for each moment of year based on different uses and customs configured a complete gastronomic calendar. That way you can understand why certain time of year, and only those, “butifarrones” are consumed or “trampó”, “frit” or “sopas mallorquinas” prepared. Or that “empanadas” are tradition at Easter time.


In traditional markets held in different villages on the island weekly, the farmers sell their products directly, with that seasonal dishes are cooked. Freshness and simplicity are the keys to master the secrets of Majorcan cuisine. Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, herbs, oil … with these ingredients, Majorcan cuisine is able to create exquisite dishes that the best cooks admire. Vegetables are very tasty in Mallorca. Thanks to the soil is rich in cal, which limits the absorption of minerals and as almost always lack water, vegetables are generally smaller but tastier. The “tomàtigues de ramellet”, small tomatoes hanging on a line to dry outdoors, are the star element. In this way always are available for tomato sauces and especially for spreadable on country bread (white or brown). With the vegetables is made the “tumbet”, a dish with potatoes, eggplants and peppers and tomato sauce. The eggplants are central in the typical recipes of the island. Besides being tumbet ingredient, they are prepared also stuffed with meat or fish and baked. Not to mention the “sobrasada” (protected geographical indication Sobrassada de Mallorca), which has also acquired a deserved reputation worldwide. Or the fish, which is tasty and varied.


The island cookbook features dishes such as sopas mallorquinas, vegetable stew in wich the protagonist is carrying cabbage and slices of bread soaked in the cooking broth, plus paprika, tomato, garlic … frito mallorquín, prepared with Sa Pobla potatoes, islanders blond peppers, purple carrot and pork or lamb offal. “Arròs brut”, a blunt spoon dish that combines the pleasure of meat with rice and vegetables. In addition, noted for its recipes lobster, cuttlefish and fish such as the typical espinagada de Sa Pobla, A filling of eel and pie dough wrapped in spinach,  Bonito casseroles, fried raya, red mullet or Sant Joan fish “panades”.
As a pastry is concerned, the queen is the ensaimada (which deserves a single entry). Other alternatives are cottage cheese casserole, apricots “coca” and typical biscuits of small size called “cuartos”, robiols, crespells and almond “gató”.


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