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Mediterranean-inspired architecture

Modern villa with water access in Mallorca North, ultra contemporary design with latest home technology.

Pollensa ia a clear example of Mediterranean architecture

The concept of home and fortune in the Mediterranean architecture  is conditioned not only by the weather and topographical conditions of the terrain, the materials used in its construction.

These materials are chosen, not only for its functionality, but also by the proximity of feedstock sources. Generally, there are three main blocks: the stone materialscompounds of clay and lime mortar or plaster for construction and wall covering and walls.

The clay materials are used in various ways that can be generically classified rammed earth, adobe and brick.The mud is perhaps the most ancient type of construction, where the mixture of clays, aggregates (stones) and lime assume a constructive solution quickly and efficiently. This is compounded by its insulating characteristics, seismic resistance and durability on the weather.The sun-dried clay materials, load only aggregate, straw, etc., Has resulted in the Mediterranean determining a constructive solution, allowing more complex forms with mud. The brick, while baked clay material, ie ceramic provides added strength in construction and is still today the quintessential building material.

Stone houses

The stone has been used in Mallorca since the dawn of humanity, for its obvious consistency and durability. Its use is extended to multiple forms, either as stone masonry mortar or carious (especially in the jambs of doors, windows or buildings of special importance).

Maximize the space

The need to maximize the space available and seek protection from the weather (sun, wind, storms, etc..) Requires to make the most of the streets. These architectural solutions that create spaces covered, semi-private areas


Although blue is the most widely used (doors and windows) to combine with white lime, no missing colors like green, brown and ocher. The small window in the door itself or its side serves to allow light to enter and also to observe without being exposed to the outside.


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