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Mallorca’s headlights


The headlights are an unmistakable coastal loaded element with great romance and, in many cases, of great historical and cultural value. In the past, powerful lamps and light served as guides, not in vain its operation was essential to facilitate navigation and alerting sailors in Mallorca are, without doubt, the most spectacular of the Mediterranean headlights.

Formentor Lighthouse: located at 210 meters above sea level are the Formentor lighthouse, considered the balcony of the Mediterranean.

It is located northwest of the island, where the Serra de Tramuntana disappears into ravines, cliffs, coves and a small beach are steep and rustic Formentor Peninsula.

Opened on April 30, 1863, it is one of the most spectacular postcards whole Serra de Tramuntana. Throughout these 150 years of history, the lighthouse has led the way to the boats with its characteristic four flashes every twenty seconds.

Cap Blanc Lighthouse: located in the same name marking the eastern end of the Bay of Palma. It was inaugurated on August 31, 1863 and has been adapted to the times and the changes of lamp, until in 1970 proceeded to the electrification of the lighthouse. Cap Blanc lighthouse marks the entrance to the Bay of Palma and from its radio, the boats easily discover Porto Pi lighthouse and the pier of the port of Palma.

Lighthouse of Cap Blanc a legend about the tragic death of a lighthouse keeper was serving here counted. When the Department of Public Works notified the lighthouse keeper a change of destination, it threw off the cliff taking his own life. And that is their new destination was Columbretes Island, a place of punishment for the most contentious keepers.

Lighthouse of Porto Pi: is the third oldest working lighthouse in the world, after the Tower of Hercules in La Coruna and the “Lanterna” of Genova. Inside a permanent exhibition of maritime signals, considered the best in Europe, which can be visited by appointment is installed.

Portocolom Lighthouse: located in the northeastern tip of the bay of Porto Colom, the lighthouse was first lit in 1863. It’s one of the most distinctive and photographed the entire island of Mallorca headlights and has also been the focus of numerous images and paintings. It’s one of the symbols most valued by the people of Portocolom and fully recommended tour is the visit to walk from any point of the town to the lighthouse.

Capdepera Lighthouse: “I prefer the roads to the borders, and a butterfly at Rockefeller Center and the lighthouse keeper at Capdepera lookout Western” With these verses immortalized the Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat in his song “To each his own theme” which is one of the iconic lighthouses of Mallorca.

Capdepera lighthouse is a very important navigational lighthouse, since along with the Artrutx, serve to define the channel of Minorca. It also is one of four lighthouses that are inhabited in Mallorca, next to Punta Avançada (Pollença), Cap Gros (Sóller) and Punta de ses Crestes (Portocolom).

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